Practice Areas




Estate planning involves putting your affairs in order so that when you pass away or become disabled, those you trust the most can provide you with the assistance you need and to ensure that everything you worked so hard for during your lifetime gets passed on to the people you wish to receive them after your death. We can help you administer a loved one’s estate while they are sick, disabled, or mentally incompetent. We can also help you to manage a loved one’s affairs upon his/her death.




Probate refers court protective proceedings. Probate matters include guardianships, conservatorships, trust administration, administration of estates belonging to deceased persons, and the removal of trustees, administrators or executors of estates who are violating their sworn duties to manage estates to the benefit of heirs and beneficiaries of estates.




Landlord-Tenant Law revolves around the relationships that landlords have with their tenants and that tenants have with their landlords. This office provides all levels of landlord-tenant legal services, including preparation of the legal notices necessary to end or change the terms of a lease or tenancy, legal representation in eviction (unlawful detainer) proceedings, and the preparation of lease or rental agreements and addendums.




The area of Family Law covers domestic violence, divorce or dissolution of marriage and legal separation, paternity matters and parental rights related to minor children, child support and spousal support (formerly known as “alimony”) and adoptions of minor children, both step-parent adoptions and third party adoptions, which includes adoptions of children by family members, legal guardians, and foster parents.