Angel L. Hess has been working in the legal field in Santa Cruz County for over twenty-five years. She started out as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal in 1992. She attended Monterey College of Law in Seaside, California. When her employer retired, she opened her own paralegal service to assist people who represented themselves in various legal matters. That small business evolved into her law practice when she passed the California Bar Examination. She is also a certified mediator.

“I love my job. I have always loved working in law and I love helping people with their legal matters. I started out as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal in 1992 and worked for several local attorneys, including Raymond H. Goodrich who retired around 1999, James M. Ritchey who is retired, and Robert Darrow who passed away. I have been very lucky in that my attorney employers were kind enough to teach me law while I worked for them. This kind of background made my time at Monterey College of Law easier and was a key to passing the State Bar exam the first time around.

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I genuinely care about my clients. I work hard to get my clients the best resolution available to them while trying to keep their costs under control. Litigation is very stressful. When you come to me, I will tell you all I can about how the law applies to your situation, but ultimately the way we handle your case is always in your control. Together, we will evaluate all of the pros and cons of your matter every step of the way so that you can make educated decisions about the disposition of your case in a way that suits your needs.

I also have a strong sense of integrity and high ethical standards. I will not waste my breath telling you pretty little falsehoods when the truth is hard. I will be honest and direct with you and I use candor and diplomacy when dealing with adverse parties or their legal counsels. I do not believe in using smoke and mirrors tactics which are costly and can destroy our chances of getting a fair resolution for you. I tell my clients the same thing a law student professor once told me: “We deal with the facts that exist. Not with the facts that we wish existed.” But bad facts do not always necessarily result in a bad outcome. I will always do whatever I can to get you the best outcome available to you based on whatever the facts are at the time.”